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About me


My name is Marien van Westen.
I was a lecturer at the Hanze University of Applied Science in Groningen (the Netherlands). Now I am retired (since 2018).
Subjects I teached were: physics, programming in Delphi and Labview, telecommunication and RF-technology. I was also involved in curriculum development.
As a radio amateur (callsign PA0MVW) I am interested in computer technology, programming (mainly Delphi and Lazarus), nature photography, astronomy and microscopy.
I have written some programs in a visual C dialect called Xforms for the Linux platform, so if you are interested take a look there.
As a hobby I do research on the distribution of Desmids (very beautiful microscopical green algae) in the province of Drenthe. See the item Biology on this site.
I wrote software for educational purposes and for myself. Then I found out that fellow lecturers and others were interested in this software, so I decided to make it available for all interested people.
If you want to support the development of free software, please make a donation via PayPal

You can contact me via the mailform (see Contact in the menu)