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In 2007 I developed an interest in Desmids  (a visual very attractive kind of microscopical algae). After several years of taking samples I decided to study the distribution of these algae in the Dutch province of Drenthe.

To document my research on Desmids I created my own database program. This program is focussed on Desmids and entering data is very easy with this program. Furthermore the program can create distribution maps and tables that can be used in reports.

The Nature conservation value according to Peter Coesel (also see gives you additional information of the value of venns and hollows.

To take photographs of the Desmids you can use the program MICAM. This program can be used together with the database program. To see some samples of my desmid pictures go to: Desmids of Drenthe

You are free to use the database. I distribute the programs 'as is'. So I do not guarantee the software, nor can you hold me responsible for the loss of data.
I myself use the database for two years now and I never lost data.
Of course it is wise to create a backup regularly, as you have to do with all data you do not want to loose due to a hard disk crash.

The database program allows you to view distribution maps in Google Earth.


June 2024 Updated version of Desmid DataBase available

This updated version contains all taxa described in:
Coesel & Meesters 2024 Desmidsof the Lowlands (second edition).

DesmidDatabase 3.08 (EXE version with installer)

DesmidDataBase 3.08 (ZIP version)

The annotated Taxalist from this version is available as a separate Excel file:

Annotated Taxalist


Older versions:

DesmidDatabase 3.0.6 (EXE version with installer)

DesmidDataBase 3.0.6 (ZIP version)

DesmidDatabase 3.0 (EXE version with installer)

DesmidDataBase 3.0 (ZIP version)

If you want to display your data in Google Earth the following program can be handy to show a 5x5 km grid on the surface of the earth.
This program enables you to create such a grid.
Google Earth UTM grid

To display your data in a Latitude-Longitude grid you can use:
Google  Earth LatLon grid

You can find the program MICAM on the Microscopy and Photography page.

Photographs of the Desmids found in Drenthe on my Desmids of Drenthe page.