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Digital Signal Processing

The role of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is increasing. A major topic is of course telecommunication, but also in image processing DSP is very important. To demonstrate the way DSP can be used to filter signals, I have written a simulation program to make clear how FIR en IIR filters can be programmed. The input and output signals are showed on a simulated oscilloscope. The user can design a filter and test it in the simulator.

A very useful book on this subject is the book by Lynn en Fuerst: Introductory Digital Signal Processing with computer applications. This book is published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.
A large number of examples from this book can be simulated with this program.

The use of the program is rather simple. The ZIP-file not only contains the program itself, but also a manual an some examples.

DSP_SIM operating

Programming a DSP is mainly done in C. The compiler produces an optimised code for the the DSP in use. For educational reasons I don't let the user program the filters in C, but I have made a number of examples hoe to use Excel for this process. In this way the user can focus on the main issues of FIR and IIR filters without any knowledge of programming (naturally some knowledge of Excel is supposed).
The package also contains some examples with Excel.

Download (368 kB)