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Here are some programs in the Dutch language.
It's very easy to understand how they operate, so try them !
(Click on the name or symbol for downloading).

At this moment I have available :


This program demonstrates how light rays will be refracted by a lens.
The user can adjust the height of the object, the distance from the object to the lens and the focal distance. The program will then draw the light rays from the object through the lens.
Click here for downloading the file (185 kB).

This program can be useful in physics lessons. It demonstrates additive colour mixing. You can use scrollbars to change the intensity of the red, blue and green light sources.
Click here for downloading the file (174 kB).

This program shows that the elliptic orbits of planets around the sun can be found just by applying Newtons laws of gravity. The explanation of how the program works is in Dutch.
Click here for downloading the file (202 kB).